The fire of Australia as a source of Inspiration

Thomas Girbl's "Burning Pictures" are deeply rooted in the experiences of his year-long study trip to Australia, where the dualistic nature of bushfires - as both a destroyer and a source of new life - became an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him. These works celebrate the cycle of loss and new beginnings, visualized through the powerful force of fire. Girbl's artistic process, in which he transforms the dynamics of flames into art, reflects the beauty that rises from the ashes. "Burning Pictures" is an invitation to view the transformative energy of fire through the eyes of an artist who is able to draw creation from destruction and capture the eternal cycle of change and renewal.


Curriculum Vitae

Born in the historic city of Salzburg in 1970, Thomas Girbl began his artistic journey at the HTBLA in Ferlach, where he learned the basics of the creative arts and crafts in the engraving department. These first steps led him to a professional career as an engraver, which took him all over Austria and as far as Cologne in Germany.

But the real turning point in Girbl's artistic development came in 1994, when he passed his master's examination in Innsbruck and then immersed himself in the finer points of printmaking in Prague under the guidance of Prof. Alesa Vaic. That year also marked the beginning of his studies under Prof. Dr. Günther Meck in Millstatt and Mannheim, where he was introduced to the secrets of free painting and nude drawing.

However, the transformative phase of his career really began during a one-year study visit to Australia in 1997/98. Inspired by the destructive beauty and regenerative power of bushfires, Girbl developed a completely new painting technique that would revolutionize his artistic work from the ground up. This technique, known as "burningpictures", allowed him to integrate the element of fire directly into the creative process and create works of breathtaking intensity and depth.

Since 1998, Girbl has been working as a freelance artist at the idyllic Faaker See in Carinthia, where he works tirelessly to refine his unique painting technique. His work, a captivating fusion of traditional craft and innovative experimentation, invites you to look at the world through a new, fire-drawn lens. Thomas Girbl's journey is a living testament to the power of transformation - from classical engraving to groundbreaking art created in dance with the flames.


Selection of Solo Exhibitions



TrendSet Fine Arts - Munich 







Gallery in the Artist town of Gmünd Kirchgasse 50, Gmünd

Residence Stockerau

Fire Performance at Paradies, Leogang in Salzburg



Artist town Gmünd Kirchgasse 50,Gmünd

Arttrail Faaker See, Carinthia

Residence Stockerau



Interior Messe Wien 

Hiking trail of arts Leogang, Salzburg June 2nd to October 22nd

TrendSet Fine Arts - Munich 


2019 - 1994

Amorc Art Forum  (Baden-Baden Germany)

Abbey Dürnstein (Wachau)

Artspace Castle Dinzl / Cultural Departement (Villach) 

Brick5 (Vienna)

Artspace David MD (Vienna)

Stilgallery (Vienna) 

Kraigher Gallery (Feistritz i. the Valley of Roses)

Neue Wiener Werkstätten (Vienna)

Artforum (St. Jakob i. the Valley of Roses) 

Alpen Adria Gallery (Klagenfurt)

Exhibitonshall Wollzeile (Vienna)

Rimmer Gallery (Velden a. W.)

Scholarship of the Capital Klagenfurt (Paris) 

Galerie Citè Internationale des Arts (Paris)

Gallery in the Castle (Finkenstein) 

City Gallery (Klagenfurt)

Gallery Haus Meer (Düsseldorf)

Roche (Vienna)

Interart Gallery (Salzburg) 

Silver-Atelier Meister (Zürich)  

Kennedy Gallery (Nassau, USA)

Gallery tonArt (Vienna) 

Publication of the catalogue "Forces of the Inner Eye"

Gallery RB (Feldkirchen in Carinthia) 

Galerien the Klimtvilla (Vienna)

Leopold Kohr Academy (Neukirchen)

Gallery Grapthion (Prag) 

Group Exhibitions

Selection of Group Exhibitions



Participation on the 6th International Fine Arts Festival (Kranj Slovenia)

Art Fair Schwetzingen (Germany)

IPP Exhibition (Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates) 

Luxury Fair "Luxury, please" Hofburg (Vienna)

„On the way to the Artist in St. Jakob in the Valley of Rosen" 

with publication of a catalogue  

Trade Fair for Living & Design (Vienna)

Gallery 3 (Klagenfurt)

Roland Abhold Gallery (Basel)

Dorotheum (Salzburg)

Art Fair in the Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna)