Eugen Maria Schulak PhD

Philosophical Office Vienna


Girbl’s pictures burnt in the course of their origin. You can see it in them clearly. There was precisely as much fires as necessary to make its effect visible, to burn down the material sacrificed to it and to illustrate it thereby...

Renate Obud PhD in Art History

Art Historian

“Baptism of fire - Traces of the memory"

The works by Thomas Girbl in their reduction to the essential mediate profound sensations of the secret surrounding the myth of our World’s creation...

Klaus J. Schmidt

Curator of the Genius Gallery in Düsseldorf

Out of the catalogue "The Power of the Inner Eye" 

The shapes merge in a dynamic flow and form a rock-crystal-like shape that evolves into a sunny, floral and airy iconography that is characteristic for his newer pictures... 

Harald P. David MD Psychiatrist

“The fire, the art and the knowledge" 

An artist like Thomas Girbl, whom the fire makes not the object of his representation, but rather the medium of the creation act, wants to introduce us with his works immediately to our existential, to the heart of our liveliness. If he modifies our environment by scorching, burning down, crusting of paper and colours, he transforms the smouldering devine spark in us all into visible and touchable forms...

Hiltrud Oman PhD in Art History

Art Historian in Salzburg

"Phönix in the Valley of Roses"

On gigantic tables it is mounted cleanly, painted on the scaffold and before fire-resistant background on a wide wall they are exposed to the fire, are undergone a branding, to get their “brand”...

Michael N. Magin MD

„Art and skill“

The oldest myths of the end of the world — and the any time present fears — are those of the world fire. The modern terror which has created his icon in the burning Twin-Towers...