Solo Exhibition in Dürnstein Abbey

Ausstellung Thomas Girbl in Duernstein .
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Exhibition in Dürnstein Abbey 


Thomas Girbl



Place of Issue

Dürnstein Abbey , 3601 Dürnstein 1

Exhibition Period

01 July - 31 August 2018

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:00  Free Entrance!


Burningpictures - Art by the power of fire

Thomas Girbl has been developing his own painting techniques for over 10 years. With fire, heat and color he creates unique artworks - burn marks and pigments which are melted by a flame thrower on canvas or wood.

Thomas Girbl's burningpictures are characterized by their unique formation. By using the fire as a brush, invisible traces emerge out of the background and by the action of heat the colors get their powerful radiance.

The exhibition shows works from various creative periods of the artist - from works on paper, to monochrome works on canvas - which represent an important milestone in his development - as well as objects made of wood whose surface appears almost ceramic.

During his one-year stay in Australia bush fires have had a significant impact on Thomas Girbl's artistic development, and the close connection between destruction and the creation of something new through fire has led him to experiment with it.

Fire as an artistic medium instead of brushes or other classical painting utensils is also an interesting aspect from the point of view of art history, because Thomas Girbl's artistic spectrum touches on painting, sculpture, drawing, as well as graffiti art and symbolically merges into a new, independent technique.