Thomas Girbl burningpictures "Fusing"

Mayor Günther Albel invited to the Opening of the Exhibition

Thomas Girbl burningpictures

on Saturday, 7 October 2017, 17:00 

Dinzl Castle / Cultural Departement City Villach

Schloßgasse 11

9500 Villach – St. Martin

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Thomas Girbl - burnigpictures




To combine something with something else into something new.

By the use of fire and colors that fuse together on carrier materials such as canvas and wood, Thomas Girbl more than copes with this definition of Fusing. Fire as an artistic medium instead of brushes or other classical painting utensils is also an interesting aspect from the point of view of art history, because Thomas Girbl's artistic spectrum touches on painting, sculpture, drawing, as well as graffiti art and symbolically merges into a new, independent technique.


Special Program:

Astrid Pazelt

Book  & Cloths of the Dance of Death – The book documents the names of victims of Nazi tyranny in Villach. 


Thomas Girbl / Live-Fire-Performance



Sabine Neibersch / musical unplugged 

(18:30 & 20:30)

Musical Hits unplugged presented. 

Thomas Girbl

Burningpictures – Feuer als mein künstlerisches Medium!


Ich mache unsichtbares sichtbar durch die Kraft des Feuers. 

Acryl, Öl, Aquarell, sind wohl die häufigsten und bekanntesten künstlerischen Medien! Feuer als Energie einzusetzen ist ein aufbauender, künstlerisch-kreativer Akt. Und genau das reizt mich als Künstler immer wieder von neuem - der Kreativität des Feuers hingeben und daraus meine Burningpictures entstehen zu lassen.

Thomas Girbl


Burningpictures - Fire as my artistic medium!


I make invisible visible through the power of fire.

Acrylic, oil, watercolor, are probably the most common and well-known artistic media! Using fire as energy is an uplifting, artistic-creative act. Exactly that tempes  me as an artist over and over again - to abandon myself to the creativity of fire and in this way to create my burningpictures.

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