Kraigher Gallery Feistritz in the Valley of Roses

Invitation to the Exhibition Opening 

on Friday, 29 May 2015  19:00


Thomas Girbl burningpictures


Fire as my artistic medium


The artist, living in the Valley of Roses, makes invisible things visible by the power of fire. In 2008, he received the Paris Scholarship from the city of Klagenfurt, where he also discovered those colors that not only require the direct exposure of the fire, but also preserve their unique appearance and their radiance. Exhibitions i.a. in Vienna, Paris, Basel, Prague.


At the same time we show the updated memorial exhibition of the Carinthian-Moravian painter and graphic artist Otto Kraigher-Mlczoch 1886-1951

Open until 28 July 2015, Saturday / Sunday 15:00 - 18:00 


Place of Issue: Kraigher Gallery

Am Kraigherweg 25

9181 Feistritz in the Valley of Roses