Burning Lightobjects (Selection of Artworks)

The "Burning Lightobjects", an innovative creation of mine, mark a turning point in the art of lighting by placing the specially developed LED passe-partouts at the center. This technology makes it possible to present the artworks in the best possible light completely independently of external light sources. The variable dimmability of the LEDs allows the materials and structures used to unfold their full splendor and multidimensionality by literally appearing "in a different light".

The interplay of wood as a carrier material, the carefully selected colors and precious metals expands the perspective beyond the micro- and macrocosm and opens up levels of perception that go far beyond ordinary human vision. The acronym LED not only stands for the light sources used, but turns out to be a deeper concept: "Light emphasizes Dimensions" - light that emphasizes dimensions and thus reinforces and redefines the spatial and thematic depth of the works of art.

This revolutionary approach to the presentation of art not only emphasizes the physical beauty of the works, but also opens up a dialogue between viewer and object that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional art viewing. The LED passe-partouts are therefore not only a technical innovation, but also an artistic statement that explores the dynamics between light, material and perception in a new way.