Burningfusion on Wood (Selection of Artworks)


For Thomas Girbl, on the one hand the discs symbolize the infinite, the self-contained and recurring, and on the other hand the gold. The symbol for that is an circle with a dot in the middle. Gold is and remains one of the most important and valuable precious metals - in many cultures it stands for the sun, the light and, because of its ability to withstand fire, also for the infinite.


To get something out of the unseen, to look behind the things, to make the unseen visible – with fire – that’s what runs like a golden thread through my creative work. The first inspiration and idea came from the bushfires of Australia – the destroing strength of the fire origins at the same time new life, because many seeds need these fires. Also the trees have adapted themselves to these evolutionary conditions – the fire can get into the tree several centimetres without critically injuring his core. Even more – out of the fertile, ash-covered layer new green sprouts out to the surface. This process I transpose consciously by working with wood – after a relief-like forming (like the weather or other outside influences do it with the bark) this forming is made irrecognizable by using the flames again – like the process which happens during a bush fire.